Machine learning methods for the very large arrays in radio astronomy

MAGELLAN is a research project that aims to develop algorithms for solving inverse problems of very large size. The objective is the reconstruction of “spatio-spectral” images by very large networks of antennas in radio astronomy.

MAGELLAN (ANR-14-CE23-0004-01) is funded by l'Agence Nationale de la Recherche


  • Postdoctoral internship in Nice on machine learning and big-data for SKA. Contact.

  • PhD internship in Nice: Distributed image reconstruction for future SKA, Informations at Doctoral School.

  • MAGELLAN participe à l’école d’été de Peyresq en traitement du signal et des images.

  • MAGELLAN participe à l'atelier traitement du signal organisé par SKA France

  • Postdoctoral internship in Nice. Closed. See Informations.

  • PhD internship in Nice. Closed. Informations at Doctoral School.

  • M.N. El Korso, R. Boyer and P. Larzabal organize the special session “Advanced methods in calibration for interferometry phased array in radio-astronomy” at EUSIPCO 2016. in Budapest, Hungary, 29 Augst-2 September 2016.

  • June 6-10, 2016: C. Ferrari attends and presents the results obtained within the MAGELLAN project at the “ASKAP2016 meeting”, for the technical and scientific preparation of the Australian SKA precursor.

  • May 25-27, 2016: C. Ferrari attends the “MeerKAT Science Workshop”, for the technical and scientific preparation of the South African SKA precursor.

  • May 9-13, 2016: thanks to the work developed withing the MAGELLAN program, OCA is ready to officially join the “Low-Frequency Aperture Array” (LFAA) SKA Work Package lead by the AADC consortia. A. Ferrari and C. Ferrari has been invited to attend and give a seminar at the “CONSORTIA AADC MEETING” in Bologna (Italy).

  • April 26, 2016: seminar at O.C.A. by Dr. H. Intema from Leiden University: “How to SPAM the 150 MHz sky”. Dr. Intema is one of the world experts about ionospheric calibration. A meeting has followed to discuss collaborations with MAGELLAN participants

  • January 5, 2016: Seminar about new calibration algorithms developed in South Africa by Dr. J. Girard from Rhode University

  • December 10, 2015: First SKA French Industry meeting organized in Nice, with the main aim of having a joint discussion between French institutes involved in the SKA preparation, the SKA Organisation and potential French industrial partners (more information at the meeting web page)

  • MAGELLAN is awarded a SKA/AWS grant to use AWS cloud for Image analysis.

  • Yves Wiaux will give a talk Thursday April 28th at NEF: An introduction to compressive sensing & imaging applications.

  • PhD internship in Nice. Informations at Doctoral School.

  • The kickoff meeting will be held in Nice, on January 16, 2015.

  • Master Degree Internship at Cachan. Closed. See here.

  • Master Degree Internship at Nice. Closed.

  • le site web est en ligne.